Big Business: YouTube

Adam Sutherland

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24 April 2014
32 pages

This title takes an indepth look at YouTube and the business behind one of the most well-known and exciting brands today. Beginning with a single YouTube video, and now part of Google - one of the most successful businesses around.

We cover how YouTube came into being, the successes and failures over the years, key facts about the industry and their impact on the global market.

Readers will learn about branding and the business world with Business Matters features. Each one looks at a different aspect of business - such as a franchise, management structure or marketing - and explains it in a clear and concise way for young readers to follow.

Key features give information about Brains Behind the Brand, bringing to the forefront those who run YouTube today and who have helped boost the business in the past.

Ideal for budding young entrepreneurs with an eye for opportunity! A brilliant read for those keen to find out how the business behind the brand works.

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