An Act of Love

Alan Gibbons

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Childhood friends Chris and Imran celebrate the Millenium as inseparable blood brothers, they are both seven years old. But by 2011 their lives have taken very different paths. One has joined the Army and served in Afghanistan, the other is a potential jihad recruit. They are no longer friends, and there are bitter wounds between them which remain unhealed. Will their childhood bond be strong enough to overcome an extremist plot?

In a highly-charged, honest and life affirming story, told in flashback from both Chris and Imran's viewpoint, Alan Gibbon's cleverly explores the very real issue of terrorism that affects everyone today.

In the media
A highly charged and life-affirming story ... cleverly explores both sides of an emotive and important issue

Liverpool Echo

This, for once, is a young adult novel genuinely meriting the description 'thought-provoking'.

School Librarian

The most powerful YA book that I have read this year ... beautifully written ... the sharpness of prose and utterly skillful storytelling should make this book a must-read for young men and women all across Britain

Catherine Johnson Armadillo

A moving account of friendship broken and repaired by the complications of social justice, and has relevance beyond the specific story it tells

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