The Classical World

Alex Woolf

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Franklin Watts


What developments in government and politics, food and farming, architecture, science, art and medicine were there in the classical world of the Ancient Greeks, Celts and Romans and how did these compare with those made during the same time period by the Mauryan Empire and the Qin and Han Dynasties? What was happening at the same time in the Americas? Packed with beautiful illustrations, this book, in the Parallel History series for readers upwards of age nine, will help you to explore the classical world chronologically, with timelines to show you when major events and achievements took place.

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Often,, the way history is taught does not help children to link together even in different parts of the world. This series redresses that balance, by looking at the global development of s single period, side by side ... an approach which is really useful, with straightforward simple information presented with a global view, helping children to understand how things took place in different cultures.

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