The Story of Food: Tea

Alex Woolf

6-9 years
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12 September 2019
32 pages

Did you know that the plain-looking bags you use to brew a steaming mug of tea are steeped in fascinating history?

This simple drink has caused wars, been smuggled, been the drink of the elite and even resulted ship races across the globe! This book describes the journey tea has taken, from ancient Chinese rituals to an everyday staple drink.

Other topics covered are the health aspects of tea, how it is produced, its chemical properties and how it is traded around the world. This book is an ideal leisure read, but also perfect for course work and presentations.

This series, for children aged 9+, delves deep into the long and interesting histories of the foods that have shaped our world.

It's fascinating to learn where our food comes from, and how it lands up neatly packaged on the supermarket shelf; children can take this for granted so it's excellent to find a series that shows exactly where our food comes from ... There are fascinating snippets of information throughout the book, including, of course, how to make the perfect cuppa.

Parents In Touch

This book certainly provides lots of really interesting facts about tea: from its early origins in China and Japan to the present day ... All this information is presented in a very readable format ... I have learnt many things about tea. That said, if you'll excuse me, I must just go and make myself a cuppa!

School Librarian