Founding Fathers

Alfred Duggan

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Originally titled Children of the Wolf, Founding Fathers is Alfred Duggan’s story of the reign of King Romulus, always keeping the details of the ancient legend in view, conveys an extraordinary sense of the realities of life in the eighth century B.C.

Through the perspective of four individuals – Marcus Aemilius, Publius Tatius, Perperna, and Macro – the story of the founding of Rome is brought to life by a master of historical fiction.

‘The quantity and quality of his work . . . set a formidable standard. Duggan has imposed on all of his novels a unity of vision so compelling that whether we find ourselves in the Britain of the Saxon invasions or the Rome of the Triumvirate, we are principally conscious that we are in Duggan country . . .’ Times Literary Supplement

‘Fascinating and convincing detail’ Evening Standard