Out on 08 December 2022

Why do people fight wars?

Alison Brownlie Bojang

6-9 years
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08 December 2022
48 pages

Written in clear, straightforward language, this book looks at why people go to war and whether it is ever right to kill another person. It explains different attitudes to warfare and why wars are such a major part of history. It also looks at peace keeping organisations and conflict resolution.

Questions and topics covered include: What is war?; A brief history of war; Why do wars start?; Why do people fight?; Why do children fight?; Wars and new technology; Colonialism; Exploiting fear; War crimes; Civilians and war; Refugees; After the war; Can war ever be justified?; Are wars reported accurately?; Preventing war and negotiating peace; Resolving conflicts.

...could be used as a useful resource to help children express themselves and voice their opinions.

Learning Support Service Autumn 2002

...the clear factual explanations may help to develop a questioning, critical attitude to what they hear and see in the media.

Learning Support Service Autumn 2002

...very accessible with relevant supporting photos and captions, and sourced quotes from a variety of points of view.

Booktrusted December 2002