Disgusting and Dreadful Science: Electric Shocks and Other Energy Evils

Anna Claybourne

6-9 years
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02 September 2021
32 pages

A quirky, colourful guide to the horrible, shocking and disgusting aspects of the science of life cycles and a fantastic way to inspire children in science learning.

Electric Shocks investigates the most disgusting and dreadful aspects of electricity. From whizzing electrons and static shocks to frying fl ies and freaky frog legs, this book is full of yucky, painful and fascinating facts.

It is part of the Disgusting and Dreadful Science series, which features a look at the weird, revolting and shocking aspects of science for children at KS2. It feature child-friendly text and amazing photographs and diagrams. From plants and life cycles to the human body and animal adaptations, the books offer Wow! fascinating facts, fun examples and true-life stories to provide ways in to understanding solid scientific principles.