Healthy for Life: Keeping Fit

Anna Claybourne

6-9 years
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09 August 2018
32 pages

Keeping fit is about keeping your body working well, and avoiding illnesses and injuries. Getting exercise is one of the most important ways to do this, and that's mainly what this book is about. But exercise doesn't just work on its own. There are loads of ways to look after your body, and they all work together. This book is a guide for teens on how to keep fit and healthy.
Is is part of the series Healthy for Life, which gives factual information on a range of health issues so teens can get the information they need to be healthy. The books feature fun infographic style illustrations.

What I really like about this book is its informal, non-preachy approach, which will really encourage children to take notice without feeling 'got at'

Parents In Touch

Particulary topical at the moment ... A fantastic book to educate students on the importance of improving lifestyles

School Librarian

I would recommend this to other readers because it gives useful tips on how to keep fit and it was a colourful book to read.

Evening Echo