Science Makers: Making with Light

Anna Claybourne

6-9 years
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14 November 2019
32 pages

Be a SCIENCE MAKER by experimenting, tinkering and building to discover the wonders of science!

Learn all about LIGHT by following in the footsteps of famous scientists, artists, engineers and inventors.
- Make sun prints like photography pioneer Thomas Wedgwood
- Be inspired by artist Tracey Emin to make your own neon sign
- Create your own fibre optic lamp like engineer William Wheeler ... and much more!

Each title in this series contains ten 'makes', prompted by featured profiles of great scientists, artists and engineers. Children will learn about and create the experiments and builds that have led to world-changing discoveries, amazing machines and inspiring artworks. Perfect for KS2 science and technology classes aged 9 and up.

Hands-on science - the best way to learn. It is the range of activities that is particularly inspiring, going beyond pure science into other fields.

Parents in Touch

This colourful and creative book ... boasts an accessible layout with eye-catching text boxes. The author includes a Glossary, an Index, a bibliography, a webography and a list of science exhibits to visit.

Tanja Jennings, The School Librarian