Science Workshop: 60 Creative Ideas for Budding Pioneers

Anna Claybourne

6-9 years
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23 April 2020
160 pages

Learn, make and innovate with this bumper book packed with sixty projects.

Science Workshop is the go-to guide for creative and unique experiments. With chapters on art, food, nature, pure science and technology, this book will have a great 'make' for you. Step-by-step instructions can help you:

-Take to the skies with a plane inspired by the Wright brothers
-Light up the world with a neon sign influenced by artist Tracy Emin
-Construct a stunt ramp to get to grips with forces like Galileo Galilei
-And much, much more!

All the projects in Science Workshop are prompted by featured profiles of great scientists, artists and engineers. Learn about and create the experiments and builds that have led to world-changing discoveries, amazing machines and inspiring artworks. Perfect for KS2 science and technology classes aged 9 and up.