Tiny Science: Microscopic Creatures

Anna Claybourne

Illustrated by Matt Lilly
6-9 years
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14 April 2022
32 pages

Tiny Science - giving MINI-scientists MAXIMUM understanding of the MICROscopic - get to grips with millions of microscopic creatures!

A fun and visual series exploring the science of things we cannot see with the naked eye, zooming right in on the itty-bitty creatures, objects and machines that have an enormous impact on us and the world around us. Perfect for children keen to get up-close to the building blocks of our world.

Tiny Science: Microscopic Creatures places teeny life forms UNDER THE MICROSCOPE to find answers to unBEASTable questions, such as ...

- What is the absolute tiniest insect?
- Is soil alive?
- What exactly is an eyelash mite?

Fun cartoon-style illustrations interact with real-life pictures of many amazing microscopic features, making this series ideal for engaging readers aged 8 and up.

It's time to explore the infinitesimal!

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