EDGE: Slipstream Non-Fiction Level 1: Space

Anne Rooney

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Franklin Watts


Do you know which starship is carrying a message to aliens? Or what an exoplanet is?

No? Then find out in Space - filled with facts about our universe and beyond.

Slipstream is a new generation of reading resources specifically designed for struggling and reluctant readers. Through exciting and carefully levelled texts, Slipstream enables readers to accelerate their reading experience.

This book is part of Slipstream LEVEL 1. The 300-word text is levelled for readers with a reading age of 5-7, but its engaging content makes it perfect for a wide range of older readers too.

All texts are levelled by reading experts Dee Reid and Diana Bentley.

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Filled with facts about our universe and beyond... easy to read carefully levelled text and plenty of good quality photos.

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