The Story of Mars

Ben Hubbard

6-9 years
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10 September 2020
64 pages

Explore a whole new world!

Could Mars be a future home for humans? Were there ever aliens on the red planet? How does Mars compare to our own planet? Discover the answer to these questions, and much more, with The Story of Mars.

Over the coming years, Mars is set to be at the centre of space exploration. With many manned and unmanned missions planned over the next ten years, our distant neighbour now seems closer than ever.

The Story of Mars takes a fascinating look at the history, geography, astronomy and science of the red planet. Natural wonders and extreme phenomena, such as the solar system's tallest mountain, its smallest moon, dust devils and supervolcanoes are all explored, as well as the possiblility of life. Beyond this, the book looks at the cultural and historical impact of Mars, as well as its potential as a home for humans.

Using photos from NASA's stunning archive, this book is the must-have guide to Mars for all children fascinated by space aged 9+.