The Roman Mystery Scrolls: The Poisoned Honey Cake

Caroline Lawrence

Illustrated by Helen Forte
6-9 years
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05 July 2012
96 pages

Floridius, freelance soothsayer, is afraid that he has lost his talent for seeing the future. Threptus wants to find some titbits of information that his mentor can use to convince people he still has the gift, but will a poisoned honey cake lead to disaster along the way?

Join Threptus and Floridius on their hilarious and action-packed adventures among Rome's superstitious underclass, and don't miss this ruder, funnier and still historically accurate companion to The Roman Mysteries.

These books are great fun ... it's a breath of fresh air, a short and sweet little story to cheer you up on a dull day.


Lawrence can always be relied on to deliver a cracking good yarn and this second adventure ... is no exception ... More please!


his entertaining historical adventure is ideal for engaging reluctant boys, and provides a great stepping stone on to lengthier works.