The Great Nature Hunt: Minibeasts

Cath Senker

6-9 years
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27 June 2019
32 pages

A fun book for young children that helps them identify minibeasts and their habitats.

Minibeasts are insects, spiders and other small creatures. Worldwide, there are more than a million species of insect alone! But how can you become a minibeast expert? This book is full of information about these creatures, including their habitats, life cycles and how they can be useful. The book is also full of puzzles, which will help you improve your spotting skills.

is part of The Great Nature Hunt a series of books for children aged 7+. They are a great resource for the Science curriculum. They help children make systematic and careful observations, gather data and record their findings. Each book is full of puzzles and challenges through which children can learn, while having fun.