Seven Days of You

Cecilia Vinesse

10-12 years
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09 March 2017
304 pages

It's Sophia's last week in Tokyo, and she's going to make it count...

Sophia has spent her life ping-ponging between different countries and schools, so, in theory, saying goodbye should be easy. But now she's leaving Tokyo - the place that finally felt like home. The only way she can get through this is to make her final week perfect.

Then Jamie Foster-Collins shows up, just in time to ruin everything. Jamie and Sophia used to be friends . . . and his return stirs up feelings she thought she'd forgotten.

Suddenly, hours and minutes become meaningless. Only time spent together, exploring the hidden streets of the city they love, is real.

I read Seven Days of You in a day because it hooked me from the start - it was the perfect escapism. Cecilia Vinesse is an exciting voice added to the YA scene and I wouldn't hesitate to pick up any of her future books.

Queen of Contemporary

I could not put this down. I started it in the evening, I finished it in one sitting because I loved it so so much. Cecilia Vinesse is a really talented writer...

Lucy the Reader

Seven Days of You has everything you could possibly want from a YA contemporary, neatly wrapped in Vinesse's skillful writing. If you're in need of some escapism, I highly recommend this.

The Mile Long Bookshelf