The Erth Dragons: The Wearle

Chris d'Lacey

6-9 years
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07 April 2016
336 pages

The Wearle came to Erth to find out what happened to their previous group, who never returned. Gabrial, a young blue dragon, is desperate to prove his worth. But the dragons aren't alone in the mountains.

Down beyond the scorch line, Ren, a young hom boy, is fascinated by the 'skalers'. But when he creeps into their territory, he sneaks out again with a wriggling baby wearling...

Dragon and boy's fates combine in this stunning new fantasy series.

The scope of Chris d'Lacey's creation of a dragon society is impressive and believable ... The interwoven story of the young human, Ren brings warmth to the story which by their nature, dragons lack

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