Marie Curious, Girl Genius: Saves the World

Chris Edison

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Orchard Books


50% Girl power + 50% Genius = 100% Awesome! A brilliant new series with a heroine who uses her science smarts - and her girl squad - to save the world from evil, one invention at a time.

Young inventor Marie can't believe her luck - she's spending her summer holidays in California, at the high-tech headquarters of Vance Corps! She and the other super-clever campers get to build robots, do super-cool science experiments and test out awesome gadgets. But not everyone is a happy camper . . .

Someone is sabotaging their robots, so Marie and her new friends team up to catch the culprit. The science sleuth uncovers dark secrets about the company and its mysterious owner, who is developing sinister software. Can Marie outsmart the evil engineer and prevent a global disaster?