Tales from Schwartzgarten: Marius and the Band of Blood

Christopher William Hill

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Meet Marius Myerdorf, the newest recruit of Schwartzgarten's most secret of societies.

His is a tale of adventure and abduction, friendship and fearlessness, as The Band of Blood race against time to unmask two of the foulest fiends in the history of the Great City.

The deeds are DASTARDLY.
The twists are TERRIFYING.
And happy endings are NOT always guaranteed.
If you prefer CLEAVERS to KITTENS and FIENDS to FAIRIES...

...then welcome to the gruesomely funny Tales from Schwartzgarten.

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Schwartzgarten is rich with stories

The Book Bag

[This] is a tale of adventure and abduction, friendship and fearlessness.

Primary Times

Fans of darker stories are going to eat this up whole.


Wow, what a great book. I've been reading this to my 8 year old boys and then secretly read ahead to finish it (dare I tell them?) ... The story is dark but in a humorous, Roald Dahlesque way, the characters and plot are well described and I felt drawn into the story quickly as it twisted and turned

English 4 - 11