Out on 11 May 2023

Rainbow Magic: Niamh the Invitation Fairy

Daisy Meadows

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11 May 2023
80 pages

No one knows how to throw a party like the Birthday Party Fairies! Join Rachel, Kirsty, Gracie and Khadijah on a magical birthday adventure in this exciting new series.

Can the fairy friends help Niamh the Invitation Fairy to send all her party invitations out in time?

The Birthday Party Fairies are throwing the biggest celebration of the year - Queen Titania's birthday party! But jealous Jack Frost has stolen their magical objects and is intent on spoiling the fun. Rachel, Kirsty, Gracie and Khadijah must work together to find the missing magical objects and save the party. But there wont be a party if they don't help Niamh the Invitation Fairy to send out the invites. They better help her send them - and quickly!

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'These stories are magic; they turn children into readers!' ReadingZone.com

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