Out on 02 March 2023

The Magic Fixies: Emerald and the Friendship Bracelet

Daisy Meadows

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02 March 2023
144 pages

Best friends Alice and Leo love making things, and they're never happier than when they're working together in Leo's garden shed, which they've turned into an arts and crafts studio. Then one day they are transported to a miniature world where magical creatures - the Fixies and Glitterbugs - use their creative talents to make special objects from items that were once treasured. The Fixies' magic gives these objects the power to solve people's problems!

But disaster strikes when Grimble and Grumble, the mean Nixies, steal Emerald the Jewellery Fixie's magical tools. Now Emerald can't use her special crafting skill to make a magical friendship bracelet to help a child at Leo and Alice's school. Can the friends work together to use their talents - and a dash of Fixie magic - to save the day, so that everyone can enjoy the magic of creativity?

This magical new series is tailor-made to appeal to young readers including existing Daisy Meadows fans, with a winning combination of magic, friendship and craft.