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Nine Lives

Danielle Steel

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Nine Lives is a thought-provoking story of lost love and new beginnings, by the number one bestseller Danielle Steel.

Everyone needs excitement in their lives, and sometimes there are risks worth taking . . .

Maggie Kelly had become used to losing those who were closest to her when her father and brother were killed in wartime military missions in Vietnam and Iraq. She sadly discovered that the luck inevitably runs out for those who put their lives on the line, and after the devastating effect their deaths had on both Maggie and her mother she vowed never to get involved with thrill seekers or risk takers.

But when Maggie re-meets her first love, Paul Gilmore, now a successful entrepreneur and F1 racing driver who has not left the wild and crazy days of his youth behind, she must ask herself whether she’s still content to play it safe. Because sometimes you need to take a risk to get the life you want.