Hugless Douglas

David Melling

0-5 years
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14 May 2020
32 pages

Hugless Douglas in on a hunt for the perfect bear hug! Join him and see why this delightful cuddly tale has been entertaining families for ten years.

Hugless Douglas is a huggable, lovable young brown bear who wakes up one morning in need of a hug. He goes to try and find one but none of them seem quite right.

This very special anniversary edition of Hugless Douglas' first adventure is a must for fans of this much-loved series, which has sold over 1.6 million copies in 26 languages to date. David Melling is one of the UK's best-loved author-illustrators and his stories combine brilliantly imaginative illustrations with an endearing sense of what it is like to be a small child learning about the world.

'Hugless Douglas fits right in with the well-loved classics.' Guardian

Oozes the 'ah' factor as the big bear searches for the perfect hug

Sunday Independent (Dublin)

Endearing and funny

Bournemouth Daily Echo

A charming and endearing tale

The Bookseller