The Ghost Library

David Melling

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Hodder Children's Books


The ghost library is a room full of empty shelves where the ghosts go to listen to stories borrowed from unsuspecting children - until they try to borrow a book from Bo... Bo unable to let her book go travels with the ghosts to the ghost library and there she teaches them that stories exist everywhere, not just in books.

This spooky picture book from bestselling author-illustrator David Melling has sold over 300,000 copies and continues to enchant children.

'A humourous tale with friendly ghosts... and images that will inspire your child to take on the role of story-teller.' Junior

In the media
Every page is different ... turning over is always another adventure


A magical tale that looks at the special power of stories and books

Inverness Courier

This book is a joy

School Librarian

Great fun

Sunderland Echo