Stasi Winter

David Young

09 January 2020
368 pages



A gripping and intelligent thriller set in East Germany, during the worst winter in one-hundred years. Perfect for fans of Tom Rob Smith, Phillip Kerr and Joseph Kanon.

In 1978 East Germany, nothing is as it seems. The state's power is absolute, history is re-written, and the 'truth' is whatever the Stasi say it is.

So when a woman's murder is officially labelled 'accidental death', Major Karin Müller of the People's Police is faced with a dilemma. To solve the crime, she must disregard the official version of events. But defying the Stasi means putting her own life - and the lives of her young family - in danger.

As the worst winter in living memory holds Germany in its freeze, Müller must untangle a web of state secrets and make a choice: between truth and lies, justice and injustice, and, ultimately, life and death.

Stunningly authentic and brimming with moral ambiguity, Stasi Winter is the thrilling new novel from the award-winning author of Stasi Child.

Praise for David Young:

'Excellent' The Times

'Thrilling' William Ryan

'Masterful' Daily Express

'Fast-paced' The Sun

'Superb. Reminded me of Robert Harris at his best' Mason Cross

'Up there with Martin Cruz Smith and the other greats of the field' Abir Mukherjee
an adventure on the ice with plenty of twists and turns...At the centre, Karin Muller makes a great protagonist, achieving great results notwithstanding the vice-like grip of the state
This, without doubt, is a page-turner made engaging thanks to the author's outstanding descriptive powers and the evocations of his locations in terms of both time and place. A good, lively read.