The Captive

Deborah O'Connor

03 February 2022
416 pages


A gripping thriller perfect for fans of GIRL A, THE CAPTIVE will keep you guessing till the very end . . .

'Part thriller, part dark, unpredictable love story. A GRIPPING page-turner' ADELE PARKS, Platinum Magazine

'INGENIOUS. A smart, pacy and highly entertaining thriller' T.M. LOGAN

I am safe, Hannah told herself. He can't get out.
Jem stayed where he was by the wall.
His eyes followed her every move . . .

They live together. Jem and Hannah. Captive and keeper.
But who is the real prisoner. The one behind bars? Or the one that must give up their life to serve them?
Who holds the power. The one who has the key?
Or the one who knows the truth?

A brilliant, intensively gripping thriller, The Captive will keep you guessing till the very end . . .


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'Oh my god, its fantastic! Highly original, thrilling and emotional' JO SPAIN

'The perfect concept. The perfect execution. The perfect book' GILLIAN MCALLISTER

'This original concept thriller is SO GOOD' HEAT

'Readers will become totally hooked. Hugely original and entertaining' INDEPENDENT

'Highly original' DAILY MAIL

'Stunning. Staggeringly original, chilling, electrifying' CHRIS WHITAKER, author of We Begin at the End

'A great concept. Impressive, compelling storytelling as well as a FANTASTIC mystery' GYTHA LODGE

'Original, deft, and clever, The Captive certainly had me in its vice-like grip throughout' PHOEBE MORGAN