New Urban Tribes of South Africa

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01 June 2012

A groundbreaking report that announces a new way of understanding South Africa’s diverse urban tribes, NEW URBAN TRIBES OF SOUTH AFRICA—published by Pan Macmillan South Africa as an eBook only—breaks the mould of how businesses use traditional demographic segmentation models to connect with South Africa’s new, colourful cast of characters.

Years on from the birth of the Rainbow Nation, South Africans can no longer only be categorised according to their races. Old stereotypes have been replaced by a new cast of colourful characters who approach life, love and brands from very different perspectives.

Influenced by both global cosmopolitan culture and traditional belief systems, contemporary South Africans are complex people who cannot be accurately described by traditional demographic segmentation models. This presents a challenge to brands: who are they selling to and what do their customers want?

New Urban Tribes of South Africa identifies and brings to life in vivid detail twelve distinct new urban tribes contributing to South Africa’s economy. In New Urban Tribes of South Africa you will discover: how to identify each of South Africa’s twelve tribes – how they dress, where they live and what they buy; what each of these new tribes wants – what drives, motivates and fulfills them; and how brands and marketers can connect with each of the new tribes on a meaningful level.

New Urban Tribes of South Africa is an indispensable guide for advertisers, marketers and strategists that breaks the mould of how businesses traditionally connect with the people living, playing and spending in South Africa today.