Wild Ideas

Elin Kelsey

Soyeon Kim
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A beautiful, non-fiction picture book challenging children's preconceptions and showing them they can learn from animals.

Wild Ideas looks deep into the forests, skies and oceans to explore how animals solve problems. Whether it's weaving a safe place to rest and reflect, blowing a fine net of bubbles to trap fish or leaping boldly into a new situation, the animals in our world can teach us a lot about problem-solving. From the creators of You Are Stardust, the book uses lyrical text grounded in current science alongside wonderfully detailed art to present problems as doorways to creative thinking. Wild Ideas encourages an enquiry-based approach to learning, inviting readers to indulge their sense of wonder and curiosity by observing the natural world, engaging with big ideas and asking questions.

Perfect for readers aged 5 and up.

Praise for You Are Stardust:
"This glorious synthesis of art and science invites discussion about our place in the world, where we come from, how we change and what makes us feel alive ... A terrific book for nurturing curiosity and fostering a feeling of enchantment."
(Playing By The Book)

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This book teaches how we are inherently linked to our environment

Smallish Magazine

Interesting, collage illustrations combine with a picture book style to make this a delight. Useful for KS1 Science and KS1/2 PSHE but is a lovely sharing read too!


Wild Ideas looks into the natural world to explore how animals solve problems - the animals in our world can teach us a lot about problem-solving. Lyrical text and beautiful artwork combine to make this a though-provoking and very special book, with an unusual and very effective approach.

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Clever, beautiful

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