Out on 04 August 2022


Emer Stamp

6-9 years
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04 August 2022
192 pages

Ready PESTS Go - can the PESTS win the day? Find out in the third book in the laugh-out-loud series from Emer Stamp, award-winning creator of the bestselling DIARY OF PIG series.

Meet Stix ... a small mouse facing a very big challenge. It's the summer term and that means the annual 'sports night' competition with PESTS local rivals, VERMIN.

These 'outdoor' pests are a tough bunch. Their waspy headteacher, Sir Sting-a-lot, runs their school out of the dilapidated garden shed. VERMIN are streetwise and in a league of their own, but it's been years since PESTS have lifted the trophy, but and Stix and his friends are determined to do their best.

So when VERMIN suddenly lose their edge and PESTS take the lead, it seems like their positive thinking has paid off. But something is amiss - and it has Professor Armageddon written all over it. Can PESTS take down their old enemy and beat their rivals? It's PESTS for the win!

'Riotously funny, with enough expressive drawings and poo jokes to delight Pig fans as well as new readers' - Guardian