Felicity Wishes: Big Book of Magical Mishaps

Emma Thomson

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Hodder Children's Books


Things always seem to go wrong for Felicity Wishes, even though her intentions are good! But with her optimistic attitude and fantastic friends, she always manages to come out on top!

A big book about a little fairy.

In the media
Felicity is the friendliest, most glittery fairy

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Praise for Felicity Wishes:

'It's pink, it's frothy. it's unashamedly girlie . . . most little girls will adore it! An enchanting fairy book . . . heaps of feel-good girliness.'

Junior Magazine

. . . a great delicacy in the artwork and some adult appeal. . .

The Children's Bookseller

A perfect example of literature based in an imaginary land - great for Key Stage 1 literacy classes.

Primary Times