Felicity Wishes: Funfair and Flutters

Emma Thomson

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Hodder Children's Books


Felicity Wishes and her friends have won tickets to the opening of Sparkle Towers Fairground. Candyfloss Canyon, Whizzing Wonder and Crystal Cascade all await them, but the fairies are not allowed to go to any of the hair-raising rides... until Felicity's wish comes true!

With pops, tabs, flaps, glitter and a special fairground game to play.

In the media
Felicity is the friendliest, most glittery fairy.

The Children's Bookseller

It's pink, it's frothy, it's unashamedly girlie... most little girls will adore it!

Junior Magazine

...a great delicacy in the artwork and some adult appeal...

The Children's Bookseller