Felicity Wishes: Storytelling Stars

Emma Thomson

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Hodder Children's Books


A dusty old book leads to Felicity reuniting two old friends in Storytelling Stars with three short stories.

Storytelling Stars
Never in Felicity's wildest dreams did she ever think that an old bookshop could be filled with so much magic!

Book Bamboozle
Felicity discovers a secret book that leads to a secret door that leads to the biggest secret in the history of Fairy World.

Bookworm Baffle
When a mystery fairy appears at the bookshop, Felicity is convinced that there is a riddle to solve.

In the media
Felicity is the friendliest, most glittery fairy.

Children's Bookseller

It's pink, it's frothy, it's unashamedly girlie... most little girls will adore it! An enchanting fairy book... heaps of feel-good girliness.

Junior Magazine

...a great delicacy in the artwork and some adult appeal...

Children's Bookseller