The Collector

Fiona Cummins

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'A crime novel of the very first order' - David Baldacci

If you like Mo Hayder and Thomas Harris, you’ll love The Collector

Jakey escaped with his life and moved to a new town.
His rescue was a miracle but his parents know that the Collector is still out there, watching, waiting . . .

Clara, the girl he left behind, dreams of being found.
Her mother is falling apart but she will not give up hope.

The Collector has found an apprentice to take over his family’s legacy.
But he can’t forget the one who got away and the detective who destroyed his dreams.

DS Etta Fitzroy must hunt him down before his obsession destroys them all.

'Trust me - Cummins is a keeper' - Lee Child

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Trust me - Cummins is a keeper

Lee Child

If you haven't read Fiona Cummins and you're a Mo Hayder fan, make sure you read her first book and then her second. With the lights on

Emma Flint

I didn't think anything could top Rattle, but The Collector might just have done it. Chilling, heart-breaking and bloody brilliant

Tammy Cohen

Terrifically unsettling. This book should come with a heath warning: Don't read just before going to bed at night

Michelle Frances