Horrid Henry's Biggest and Best Ever Joke Book - 3-in-1

Francesca Simon

Tony Ross
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Orion Children's Books


The first three Horrid Henry joke books - HORRID HENRY'S JOKE BOOK, HORRID HENRY'S MIGHTY JOKE BOOK and HORRID HENRY'S JOLLY JOKE BOOK - collected together in one outrageously funny bumper volume. Horrid Henry fans will laugh their heads off!

What do you do with a green monster?
Wait until it ripens.

How do you make a goldfish age?
Take out the 'g'.

What is Beethoven doing in his grave?

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this will give children plenty to keep their parents amued! The best of the best - these are Horrid henry's best jokes of all time ... As ever, Tony Ross' drawings are the perfect complement.


This is a really great joke book to make all the family laugh. I had my parents, grandparents and five year old nephew laughing with the great jokes ... Any lover of Horrid Henry will love this book,