Feast At Home

Franck Dangereux

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Quivertree Publications


Motivated by the sensory rewards of delicious, seasonal ingredients and inspired by his childhood in Provence, Franck demystifies the art of fine dining. His message? Trust your intuition. If you simply engage your senses, cook intelligently and embrace the sensual pleasure of food, you can produce delectable gourmet fare - regardless of your level of experience. In this mouthwateringly beautiful book, Franck provides detailed, practical instructions that are easy to follow. Each recipe is accompanied by gorgeous photographs, as well as simple inside secrets about how to plate the dish so that it looks worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Filled with personal anecdotes, Feast at home includes a wide range of recipes, from simple fare meant to be eaten with your fingers to extravagantly indulgent dishes that will turn a meal into a celebration. Extra useful are the chapters devoted to essential ingredients in every good cook's pantry and basic recipes that make all the difference between producing good-enough food or laying on a sensory feast.