Eco Works: How Recycling Works

Geoff Barker

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Franklin Watts


Discover the exciting world of recycling, how it works and how we can reuse the materials we recycle to give them a second life. From paper and glass to food and household water, learn about the energy that can be created from waste.

Explore the world's most revolutionary and exciting ecological developments in Eco Works. This series for 9+ readers examines how green technology is finding inventive solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing us today. From sourcing sustainable energy and reducing our carbon footprints through to creating recycling processes and community gardens that provide our growing urban populations with green space and food, find out exactly how and why 'eco works'.

In the media
This book is perfect for providing information about all aspects of recycling in a clear and vibrant way

School Librarian

Excellent use is made of different text types to make the book accessible to a range of readers, meaning many will be able to access the valuable information

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