Billy Bonkers: Billy Bonkers

Giles Andreae

Nick Sharratt
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Orchard Books


Mad stuff just happens with Billy Bonkers! Billy is a bouncy, bubbly, bonkers boy. And wherever he goes, off-the-wall adventures always seem to follow. From bouncing so hard on his trampoline that he bounces up, up and away...into space, and eating so much porridge his stomach puffs up and he floats into the garden tree (and gets stuck...until he burps anyway), to a flight on a deflating lilo to biff a big, vicious shark right on the nose! Along with his wacky dad, brainy sister and down-to-earth mum, Billy's life is never boring, it's bonkers! This zany text is perfectly accompanied by Nick Sharratt's energetic illustrations.

In the media
A real laugh.

The Independent

What a joy it is to read this lively book...words and pictures bubble over with riotous fun.

The Northern Echo

Lovely, frothy stuff. Kids will belly-laugh

The Guardian

Three lively and amusing stories