Nat Fantastic and the Brave Knights of Old

Katharine McEwen
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Nat is no ordinary boy. He may look like it on the outside, but one almighty sneeze is enough to turn him into Nat Fantastic - superhero!

Join Nat as he does battle with the brave knights of old, in this hilarious, action-packed adventure from best-selling author Giles Andreae.

A winning combination of superheroes and knights - all brought to life by Katherine McEwan's bright, bold illustrations.

'Filled with high-action drama and wham-bam antics'
- Junior Magazine

'A great book to read aloud'
- School Librarian

'Full of action and adventure'
- Armadillo Magazine

In the media
A superb bedtime read...a definite winner


A welcome return of this miniature superhero!

Nursery World

Full of action and adventure.

Armadillo Magazine

A great book to read out loud.

School Librarian