Nat Fantastic

Giles Andreae

Katharine McEwen
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Orchard Books


Nat Fantastic is no ordinary boy. He may look like it on the outside but one almighty sneeze is enough to turn him into Nat Fantastic - miniature superhero!
Nat Fantastic's powers know no limits as he whizzes through the night performing amazing rescues and foiling bank robbers. Little boys love pretending to be superheroes and Nat Fantastic will definitely be a hero to them! Our bestselling author, Giles Andreae, has bought us a FANTASTIC new character, brilliantly and exuberantly illustrated by the award-winning Katharine McEwen.

In the media
A great story with strong, bright pictures

Northern Echo

A great slice of light-hearted fun

The Bookbag

Filled with plenty of high-action drama and wham-bam antics


Bedtime will never be the same again...riotous and atmospheric illustrations reinforce the enchantment in this exciting story

Norwich Evening News