Summertime of the Dead

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Yukio's two best friends are dead. Tormented and blackmailed by the Yakuza - the Japanese mafia - they have taken their own lives.

Yukio is a kendo champion and he knows all the stories of the samurai. Heartbroken and furious, he is determined to avenge the deaths of his beloved Hiroshi and Miko.

And so begins a deadly struggle between Yukio and the Yakuza, and between Yukio's capacity for love, and his thirst for revenge.

Shot through with the beauty of Tokyo in spring, this is an unforgettable and uncompromising read.

In the media
'Fast, engaging and laced with an unexpected streak of darkness' My Favourite Books.

My Favourite Books

'an author to look out for if you dislike predictable stories' Bookbag.


'A raw and uncompromising story of obsession, full of action and adrenaline as well as tender relationships' Children's Books Ireland.

Children's Books Ireland

'Gregory Hughes, writer of the astoundingly good Unhooking The Moon, is back with a Kill Bill-esque tale full of darkness, revenge and love' Did You Ever Stop to Think.

Did You Ever Stop to Think