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Bonnie Kate Wolf
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What if a teenage boy washed up on the banks of the River Thames, soaked to the skin and unable to explain who he is?

What if the only clue to the boy's identity is a sketch he made of a strange symbol?

Who would help him? Who would hunt him?

Who is River Boy?

When a mystery teenage boy emerges from the River Thames drenched, distressed and unable to remember anything about himself, he becomes the focus of worldwide media speculation. Unable to communicate, the River Boy is given paper and a pencil and begins to scribble. Soon a symbol emerges, but the boy has no idea why he has drawn it even thought it's the only clue to the mystery of his identity...

As the boy begins to build a new life under a new name, the hunt for his real identity begins.
A hunt which will lead him on a dangerous QUEST that he has only one year to complete ...

Introducing the first in a thrilling new series packed with adventure: this book has an illustrated narrative running through it, helping readers to solve the mystery alongside the characters in the story.

In the media
There are lots of twists and pacy dialogue in this first installment of a thriller trilogy ... River of Ink has the promise of being a good series

A good and exciting read; it's one of those books that you can't put down because the chapters end on cliff-hangers... I will be recommending it to the pupils at the school where I work

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Relentlessly fast-paced and full of interesting characters.

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Fast-paced adventure

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