Adventure Island: The Mystery of the Dinosaur Discovery

Helen Moss

Leo Hartas
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When Scott, Jack and Emily stumble upon some bones in the quarry above Castle Key, they're convinced they've discovered the gruesome remains of a murder victim! But the bones turn out to be much, much older than that - could they be dinosaur bones? Or are they the last earthly remains of a real dragon?
Rival scientists fight to prove each other wrong, while the friends are determined to uncover the truth - with a little help from Drift the dog, of course!

In the media
My 8-year-old son is an avid reader of adventure stories, with Enid Blyton as his very favourite author. He really enjoyed this book and says it is as great as those by Blyton - high praise indeed ... he is delighted to have discovered this series and is now asking for the first six books!


I think this book has it all: adventure, mystery and humour. I think boys and girls will enjoy it. I give it a ten!

Annabella (11 years old) ANORAK