Spooky Fairy Tale Mix-Up

Hilary Robinson

Jim Smith
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Hodder Children's Books


Oh no! Rapunzel's hair is full of spiders, Ghostilocks is haunting the three bears and Beauty's turned into a Beast!

Create your own hilarious Halloween fairy tales with this ingenious, split-page, spiral-bound book.

Flip the flaps to create hundreds of mixed-up-stories, featuring favourite Halloween and fairy tale characters. Includes: The Three Bears, Thumbelina, spiders, monsters, slime and more!

A follow-up to the bestselling Mixed up Fairy Tales. Illustrated by Jim Smith, creator of the much-loved Barry Loser series and Winner of the Scholastic Laugh Out Loud Award.

In the media

Use this clever, enjoyably silly
flip-flap book to create a
combination of spooky stories
starring fairy-tale characters who find themselves
at the mercy of zombie rats, slimy porridge and
a monstrous pea.

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