School for Stars: First Term at L'Etoile

Holly and Kelly Willoughby

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The enchanting debut novel from the immensely popular SCHOOL FOR STARS series, written by sisters Holly and Kelly Willoughby. This book is for every girl who has ever danced in front of the mirror, sung into a hairbrush, or dreamed of becoming a star.

We are the Willoughby sisters and we have a story to share with you about one of the most important things in the world - friendship.

On the first day of term at L'Etoile, School for Stars, twins Maria and Molly Fitzfoster meet Pippa Burrows who's won a song-writing scholarship to the school. The talented trio share the same dreams of super-stardom and become best friends. But will their friendship stand up against Lucifette Marciano's plans to wreck their chances and claim fame for herself?

This book is GLEE for 9+ and is perfect for fans of BALLET SHOES and MALLORY TOWERS.

In the media
With likable heroines, beastly baddies and a jolly good plot, this is a delightfully appealing debut book.


a cracking good read that girls over eight (and quite possibly their mums) are going to devour.

Natasha Harding, THE SUN

With strong themes of friendship in the face of adversity and standing up for what's right, no matter what, School for Stars has constructive lessons presented in relatable fashion for all manner of young girls.


It's the dream school of every girl who's ever sung into a hairbrush, and the plot culminates satisfyingly in a star-studded Christmas gala.