School for Stars: Summer Holiday Mystery

Holly and Kelly Willoughby

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Join Molly, Maria, Pippa and Sally in the fourth book in the hugely popular SCHOOL FOR STARS SERIES, written by celebrity sisters Holly and Kelly Willoughby.

Molly, Maria, Pippa and Sally are back and on a summer holiday, staying at the Fitzfoster's country house. But even when they are not spending their time at the glamorous School for Stars, trouble, mystery and adventure still follow the girls wherever they go! A picnic on the beach leads to a discovery of secret tunnels, smuggling antics and maybe even a ghostly sighting or two...

This book is GLEE for 9+ and is perfect for fans of BALLET SHOES and MALLORY TOWERS.

In the media
The fourth story in the School for Stars series and a summer holiday special. A glamorous and appealing series of stories about dance, drama and friendship written by popular TV presenter and personality Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly. The Willoughby sisters have successfully tapped into the likes and loves of, in particular, young girls with a passion for drama and dance.


I loved this book, which is the fourth in the L'Etoile series, because it's full of dramatic twists in the plot that keep you reading on and wondering what will happening next. I would recommend it for Famous Five fans as it has all the classic mystery features: kidnappers, hidden caves and lives at stake. This book is best for readers aged 9+.

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