School for Stars: Third Term at L'Etoile

Holly and Kelly Willoughby

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The third title in the bestselling SCHOOL FOR STARS series written by TV presenter and celebrity Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly. Our favourite friends are back for another exciting term at the exclusive L'Etolie school.

Molly, Maria and Pippa are back for another term at L'Etoile and there are plenty of new adventures in store for them...

A television show has come to school and plans are afoot for a glittering end of term charity fundraiser. But there's never an adventure without a drama at L'Etoile, and with Molly's Hollywood audition, the dreaded summer exams and the return of Lucifette Marciano with her truly hideous friend, we're just not sure how the girls are going to survive.

This book is GLEE for 9+ and is perfect for fans of BALLET SHOES and MALLORY TOWERS.

In the media
This is number three in a tremendous little series which young girls in particular will love. Full of fun, friendship and adventure as the girls determine to fulfil their dreams of stardom. The Willoughby sisters have worked together to create real excitement in this page turning read.


A brilliant school series from Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly.