Be Your Best You

Honor Head

6-9 years
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14 April 2022
176 pages

"Very accessible and age-appropriate, with lots of helpful suggestions." Diana M. Cant, Consulatant child and adolescent psychotherapist.
"A very valuable tool for children, teachers and parents. The text is fabulous and very informative." Clare Arnold, art psychotherapist, CAMHS

This book aims to help children aged nine and above develop and maintain good mental and physical health. It discusses how to overcome feelings of stress and anxiety and safely navigate the pitfalls of time spent on social media. It encourages children to understand their feelings and look after their brain and body. There are hints and tips throughout on quick ways to improve mental health that can be done every day or as often as needed. The text has been approved by consultants working in the field of young people's mental health at ChildNet, Tavistock Psychotherapists and CAMHS.