Adventures in STEAM: Buildings

Izzi Howell

6-9 years
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24 October 2019
32 pages

Take a look at how skyscrapers were designed, how engineers make sure they stay upright and how the science of gravity means they don't fall down. Find out about scale, plans and perspective, explore interesting architecture from bridges and tunnels to cathedrals and stadiums, and admire the work of some of the world's most famous architects. Try activities such as designing your own skyscraper using marshmallows and spaghetti.

Inject some fun into STEAM topics, with these lively examinations of buildings, robots, computers, vehicles, materials and space! This bright, colourful series aims to inspire children aged 8 and up with a lifelong love of STEAM subjects.

This colourful, activity-packed series is a great way to interest girls and boys in STEAM subjects. Starting with the basics of how structures are built, the book gives clear step-by-step descriptions of all that goes into building structures ... a fascinating read which is very informative.

Parents In Touch

Ideal for widening the interests of older primary pupils who will probably cover the basic concepts in science or maths lessons, but the extension of those lessons into real world scenarios, such as buildings, will spark the imagination of the curious child.

June Hughes, The School Librarian