Fact Cat: Science: Food Chains

Izzi Howell

6-9 years
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27 October 2016
24 pages

A fantastic resource for children aged 6-8, the Fact Cat series makes a perfect one-stop-shop for help with homework assignments!

Which animal only eats fifty times a year? Where is a starfish's mouth? How do plants make food under water?

Find out about food chains and how plants and animals depend on each other for food. Discover the diets of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores and see what food chains look like in different habitats.

A simple fun picture quiz helps readers to recall what they have read.

A great series ... ideal for homework help and topics

Parents In Touch

The lively approach is colourful and enticing, with excellent photos, informative text and good use of text labels and text boxes.

Parents In Touch