Go Quiz Yourself!: Dinosaurs

Izzi Howell

6-9 years
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08 October 2020
48 pages

Learning loads of facts is boring, right?

Not with this book! Get your quiz on to become the ultimate expert on dinosaurs.

This book is the ultimate combination of facts and fun. Each chapter has loads of fast facts followed by a short quiz, which makes it the perfect tool for revising for a test or for becoming the quizmaster when it comes to all things prehistoric. It covers a huge range of topics, from how dinosaurs evolved from sea to land, to attack and defence strategies and weapons, to diet, fossil hunting and the animals that lived alongside the dinosaurs, such as flying reptiles and marine monsters.

These books are designed as a companion resource for children studying core curriculum topics. Illustrations, timelines and graphics work with captions and extended texts to challenge the reader's skills in memory, comprehension and reading. Kids will barely realise they are learning when the competitive element takes over as they aim to become the Quizmaster.

The books contain loads of information, but as the quiz sections are spaced evenly throughout, it can make the challenge less overwhelming. Readers can choose to read a section and then answer those questions, or read the book and then attempt the whole quiz in one go. It can be used to test themselves, test their friends or as a ready-made resource for teachers in need of a pop-quiz for their class.

Suitable for children aged 8+ who are studying Dinosaurs as part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Also perfect for Dino-mad kids who devour facts like a T-rex devours its prey!

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